FTB Press

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Welcome to FTB Press. We are a micro independent press located in the suburban, cookie cutter town of Gilbert, Arizona. FTB Press is the vision of Scott Lange to create a distinctive press for writers and readers. Scott and the FTB staff hope you will join us on this journey from the ground floor of the press to the great places we hope to go.

One of the first things you may ask is what does FTB stand for? In short, absolutely nothing and just about everything all rolled up into three little letters. For readers, FTB is an acronym for FOR THE BOOKS. We hope our published works provide the readers with an imaginary escape from their lives. These will be stories of the human experience, the good, the bad and the ugly. This is where the writers come in and what FTB means for them—FREE THE BRAIN. We challenge writers to step outside of the comfort zone when they write. Do not write for a specific genre or to simply put words on paper and tell a story. We want writers to share the complexities of life and what it’s like to live in this world. We want writers to make the reader uncomfortable, uneasy and perhaps even slightly happy. When the reader closes the book they realize their life isn’t so bad after all, and if you happen to have a great life, well then the stories will show you what it’s like on the other side of the tracks. This brings us to what FTB is as the publisher. We are looking for all types of stories and will not be limited by genre. While there are a few styles of writing we do not wish to publish, FTB is not here to be defined by genre or have the works placed inside a neat little box that is easily explained. Nor do we want stories which could be considered as out the box, that’s an overdone cliché and again it is still limiting. In the end, we want to FREE THE BRAIN FOR THE BOOKS because FTB also means F#CK THE BOX. Good ideas don’t need the inside or outside of the box.

If you are a writer, please tell your fellow writers we will soon be accepting submissions, until then FTB means FOR THEBEER. Cheers! If you are a reader, please be patient as we work to deliver FUN THROUGH BOOKS.